How to Create Powerful Church Giving Messages

Did you know when you want to create powerful church giving messages, your vision can inspire more giving.

One of my favorite books about how to deliver a powerful, compelling message is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

Their S.U.C.C.E.S model is one of the best templates I’ve ever seen for evaluating the power of a message. Any message.

You should try it on your next sermon.

In fact, if you look at the teachings of Jesus, you’ll see that he meets the SUCCES criteria better than anybody.

Just about every single one of Jesus’ parables passes with flying colors. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Heath’s modeled their test on Jesus parables!

So what is the SUCCES model and how can you use it to increase your church’s giving?

Powerful Church Giving Messages – The SUCCES Model

The SUCCES Model looks at a message and evaluates if it meets 6 criteria.


Do you stick to one, clear, concise message? If your church giving message is too wordy, too complicated, or too broad, it won’t make an impact. It won’t be memorable. Remember KISS? Keep it Simple, Stupid.


Does your church giving message adhere to people’s expectations, or do you surprise them? The best church giving messages take people to places they’ve never been. They develop intrigue and peek curiosity.


Do you use action verbs and specific nouns? Don’t use a passive voice, but use strong, active verbs and language in your messaging. Don’t get too abstract.


Does your Church Giving Message include compelling proof? Do you give them ways to test your ideas? Give your people


Do you help them feel the importance of your idea? There’s an old salesperson saying, “People buy with emotion, and justify with logic.” Are you speaking to the heart or just the head?


Do you tell stories or parables? What real-life situations speak to this message. Do you have stories about the results of the truths your speaking of?

Made to Stick

The SUCCES Model is powerful because it can help you determine if you message is made to stick. And if your message isn’t “made to stick,” the most advanced giving software on the planet won’t help you.
As I say over and over again. If you want to increase giving you must…

  1. Give them great reasons to give
  2. Make it super easy for them to give

And we dig deep into these giving-boosting concepts in all of our IGNITE coaching programs. Contact us today to see if our program can help you create a powerful giving message that will increase your giving and give you the resources you need to accomplish your mission.

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