How To Create An Offering Talk For Your Next Sermon

Each week you get 2-3 minutes for your offering talk, when you can speak directly to your givers.

This precious time allows you to cast vision and communicate with those who fund the mission of the church.

I’ve heard pastors say everything from “You’re not generous enough” to “Well, why don’t you just give?”

As you could guess, neither strategy worked.

But they said those things because they didn’t have a way to think about the giving talk.

When you have a way to think about this valuable time in your service, it makes it easier to share something that drives people to action.
offering talk

Here are 3 ways you could think about preparing for your next offering talk:

1.) Consider the sermon
Is there an element of your sermon that could easily translate to the giving talk? Or is there something you wanted to share in your sermon but maybe didn’t fit within your sermon outline? Use that during this time.

2.) Communicate the vision
Share something that ties back to the vision for your church. Remind people how they’re giving most of that vision forward. For example, if your church sponsors a missionary overseas, share a story from that missionary. Show how the vision of reaching the nations is fulfilled because of their generosity.

3.) Celebrate a moment
Most churches communicate but few celebrate. If your church had a recent event, talk about it. Give some highlights about what happened. Remind people that their generosity is what enables the church to host those experiences.

These 3 ways are great starting points for creating a giving talk.

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